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My colleague is a big asshole trying to stab my back whenever he can. Any idea how I should deal with him?

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    A swift kick in the nuts should suffice
    You should probably just confront him and tell him to stop being a dbag. If it were me, I would probably just put him through a wall (but in this case he may be bigger than you so go for the knee caps).

    You are going to come across assholes in every aspect of your life and generally the best way to deal with them is to ignore them and do what you gotta do

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    call him out.

    I had a guy messing me when I was a junior staff guy and one day I just told him to fuk off or we are going to have a promblem. He shot something back and I said I was not playing.

    He never tried it again.

    Be firm but direct.

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    depends on how senior they are to you. if it's your MD, tough it out, if it's your associate then make him look like an idiot in front of his superiors or call him out on it.

    i wasn't working well with an associate who wasn't even an asshole, just a micromanager, and I sorted it out with my staffer to not put me with him again. i said i wasn't working as effectively as i could with that person, i risked coming off as a whiner, but it has made the job way better. finish the task your on and hopefully move past it.