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Rising senior here, I've summered the last two summers at bulge brackets and have gotten a very strong experience. I've been branching out a little after this summer looking into other roles (corporate development, strategy, management consulting, startup, VC, PE, HF, etc). My question is, with a strong resume and multiple offers in hand, is it possible to pursue accelerated interviews? My uni is very finance-oriented and even though a lot of kids do go into consulting, my network at M/B is very limited due to the fact that I plunged headfirst into finance. How would I go about approaching this? I'm debating online resume drop just for the hell of it but don't want to leave the chance of getting autodinged by a computer.

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    I'm curious about this as well. Would you need an MBA to make the switch?

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    What do you mean by "accelerated" interviews? If you mean skipping first round, I think that's probably out of the question - rarely happens for people coming directly out of undergrad / grad programs, and being a good banker / having banking offers doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a successful consultant.

    Does your school have on-campus recruiting? If so, I would definitely try to sign up for those - online resume drop should be a last resort. Also, anyone from your finance network that you can leverage? Maybe someone who made the opposite switch, or a mentor who knows someone at MBB you could talk to?

    Also, random question - WTF does "rising" senior mean? I keep seeing people using this term and have no idea what it's supposed to indicate.