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I received emails from a guy at Atlas. I only know it is a prop shop. When I google it, the only website I can find with the exact name is this.(http://www.atlascapitalmarketsllc.com/, ATLAS CAPITAL MARKETS LLC
Sorry for the inconvenience. ATLAS CAPITAL MARKETS is under maintenance. We will be back soon.)
So I emailed him back,asking about the details of the training and if there is any capital contribution. He replied saying that he will do the training one on one remotely(!!)and also that the capital contribution is 4-5k.

Also anyone knows if Wall Street Services(a head hunter?) is legit??Also received an email from them.

I guess I applied too many random places.

Thank you!!

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    I think that WSS is legit, but can you elaborate on what role you're involved with there? As for Atlas: it looks suspect, and I personally wouldn't pay $4K to someone who's going to "train me remotely." That's usually code for "give you a bunch of excel files and PDFs you could find on the net yourself and tell you to figure it out." On occasion, it's also code for "take your money."

    Equities are for chumps.

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    I would stay away. Any firm that can't maintain a website sends all kinds of red flags. You shouldn't be paying 4-5k for remote training either.

    Dirk Dirkenson wrote:
    Shut up already. Your mindless, reflexive responses to any critical thought on this are tedious. You're also probably a woman, given the name and "xoxo" signoff, so maybe the lack of judgment is to be expected.

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    Just got an email back from these guys. My verdict- scam. I would never pay $5000 to do an internship but I'm sure monkeys here can read the following and figure it out for themselves.


    You have applied to become a member of the Atlas Capital trading team. You are in the right place if you are looking to become a successful trader.

    If trading is you passion please read on. If not then you can stop right here.
    I teach all new traders on a one on one basis, and have been doing so for the last 12 years. My goal is to make you a successful and profitable trader as quickly as possible.
    I have multiple strategies that I will teach you that you can immediately begin to implement upon joining Atlas. These strategies are making money. Some are market neutral while others are momentum based. All ideas are generated via research done with Atlas Capital.
    You need to pass the series 56 exam (easy test) to become a prop trader. We will only be trading equities in the beginning. We do not trade currencies or futures.
    I will show you the basics of execution, and technical analysis. This, however, is not how you make money. Learning our strategies is how you will become a profitable and successful trader. I will work with you on a daily basis, helping you develop into a profitable trader.
    We require a capital contribution of 5K from all traders. The 5K is a risk deposit and goes into your personal trading account. It is your money to lose. You will be able to trade a 150K to 250K portfolio to start.
    I am looking for at least a 1 year commitment to trading. You need this time to learn and gain experience on a daily basis. However, this does not mean that you can not make significant money during this time.
    If you are not ready to make that kind of financial commitment to trading and research, then Atlas is not for you.
    There is an additional cost for registration and mentoring. You can earn back these costs by reaching trading goals in your first year with Atlas.
    It is a very small investment considering the amount of knowledge you are going to be accumulating on a daily basis. I work with all traders on a one on one basis throughout your time with Atlas. Your only real cost is to receive a professional trading license (Series 56).
    You will be able to join our hedge fund group and manage a 1,000,000 portfolio if you become a proven trader.

    It is a great opportunity for someone who wants to become in independent, professional trader. If you are interested, let me know, and I will call you to discuss the position and our company in greater detail. Email me at [email protected].


    Scott Chrisan
    Atlas Capital Markets