What's up guys. So basically, I had really bad personal issues to deal with my first semester of junior year. I dealt with them really well, refusing to let them mess me up, and ended up with a 3.64 overall GPA. My second semester, however, I just gave in and was in a really bad place, and this was also largely why I never applied for any SA positions (started seeing a therapist too, and it slightly helped). Long story short, I ended the semester with a terrible 2.7, bringing my overall GPA to a 3.48. I'm not disappointed with myself because as people have told me "shit happens" and sometimes we just can't control it, but it does suck that it happened. My question is, do you think it'd be wrong for me to keep putting the 3.64 rather a 3.48, since I can't clarify in my resume what happened?


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Yes..I got a 4.0 my first semester freshman year, but I can't keep putting 4.0

3.48 is not that bad. If it ever comes up in interviews and you have a legit reason, explain it.

What you can do is just put your Major GPA if that is higher...

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I wouldn't put 3.64- just put the 3.48, then round to a 3.5. The effective difference is .14...noticeable, but not a deal breaker.



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I concur that OP should list his GPA as 3.5. It's a completely honest, non-ridiculous round-up, and it should keep him in the running with companies that auto-ding anyone with a sub-3.5 GPA.


Thanks guys, really appreciate the replies.


"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

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