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What are some typical volunteer-type things that people do in order to prepare their resumes for MBA application process?

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    ke18sb wrote:
    Big Brothers Big Sisters - two buddies at my bank did/are doing that

    That seems so cliche.

    "I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcom

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    It really depends on your interests, the amount of time you have, and whether you are willing to invest in an opportunity. For example, any number of mission trips or overseas trips would be great if you had an interest, a bit of capital, and, of course the time. You can find some with Habitat for Humanity or a ton of opportunities in several fields on Idealist.org (links and such are on my site as well to other volunteer sites - www.bankonbanking.com - under Giving Back links).

    If you don't have that level of interest or lack one of the resources necessary, move on to whatever interests you most. If you want to be a mentor, go with Big Bro/Big Sis, or some other avenue in a similar capacity. If you want to help students, then look into tutoring - there are numerous opportunities here. If you want to build something with your hands, you can always go with my favorite - Habitat for Humanity through one of its many affiliates across the country (or on a 1-week or 2-week mission trip overseas). There are administrative opportunities with United Way and others and a host of other opportunities across many different fields.

    Honestly, find what you like the most and can give yourself to with the most ease and passion - that is where you will find the most support in your business applications and life in general.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck. Remember, think of yourself as a complete person, don't just think B school - the incidental result will be a much stronger point to sell your B school apps anyway.

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    As a banker, do you really have time to develop leadership in your activities, maintain your social life, maintain an adequate fitness level, etc? I feel like one way or another, there will have to be some significant sacrifices.

    How does everything balance out? Excuse my naivety, I'm about to start full time in the fall.