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I was found guilty but with adjudicated withheld (no conviction). I will get it sealed but with high-level background checks it will definitely (in some way - don't know how it will be listed exactly) show up.
Specifically, its "leaving the scene of accident with more than $50 in damage". I busted the tail light of a $75k Range Rover in some upscale Miami mall - thought nobody saw me and fled the scene. I suppose I got what I deserved.
I did traffic school and paid restitution to the victim.

1) How screwed am I?
2) Do they ask only about convictions or also about adjudication withheld?
3) If the former, How to explain it on forms? And should I explain it even if they only ask about convictions since it might show up either way.
4) Any other advice/info pertaining to my specific situation.

I know I'm a jerk for doing this. :(

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    I think usually on job applications they'll ask you to disclose any convictions "other than minor traffic violations" or some similar wording. Just be upfront about it is all you can really do.

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