I'm currently interviewing with a BB for a BO position nestled within IBD. I was directly told by several interviewers (without asking!) that this job is NOT a feeder into (the same) BB Front office. My goal is to do media M&A/restructuring. If I get the BO job, should I turn it down to pursue FO? Would it look bad to this specific BB?

Please don't flame... I know that getting ANY job in this economy is a wonder, but I don't wanna make any career mistakes right out of college and get stuck in BO forever.

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If you actually have a legit shot at getting FO then sure, if that's what you want. But rejecting them will definitely blacklist you from any FO position they have obviously.

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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If you can afford to stay unemployed, just do it. Its not worth putting up with the B.S. of working a job you don't want to do, you will be miserable.

But if you need the dollars, then do it while searching at other banks.


Do you have any other offers on the table?


What year are you? I think this should definitely be considered before you go do something irrational. If you're a sophomore, its probably okay. If a junior, maybe consider some other options.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."


If you have no other offers, take it. If you're still in the mix for other FO positions, I would decline.


If you're a graduating senior and this is for a FT opportunity, and you don't have anything on the slate as in an IB reference, contact, lead w/e then I'd take this job. I was in a similar situation when I graduated in Dec. after an extended and frustrating recruiting season. After 3 months of rejecting various financial analyst positions and finally admitting that there are other paths to IB, I took the corporate finance route which I'll do for a year before an MSF.
I think the difference between someone settling and just accepting a BO job and someone determined to break is the ability to make strategic decisions and sacrifice. I think the word sacrifice is more important here because it could as easily be exchanged with the word 'settled', but if you know you're not 'settling' and instead taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal [IB] then its a world of difference. Aside from the abstract advice, I'd take the BO position and look to continue networking, but also open yourself up to a target MSF program so you can leave your position after a yr.

'Before you enter... be willing to pay the price'

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