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Hey all,

I am looking to order a number of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts online but I'm not sure which fit/size will be best. There's a Brooks Brothers store nearby so I was wondering if their fit is similar enough to Charles Tyrwhitt that I could figure out what style and size I like at BB and then order the same from CT?


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Comments (19)

  • keyboardcat's picture

    No they aren't close enough. CT is more of a European-style fit, whereas BB is made for large/fat people. A slim fit at BB is like the normal size at CT... you'd have to get the extra slim fit at BB to be comparable.

  • thunderfan118's picture

    Yep. I actually went into the CT store in NYC today and the shirts are cut quite slim -- much more British style than traditional US style. It's a good look.

  • MrV's picture

    I thought I was slim fit BB. Turns out too big. If youre not an athletic guy with a broad build, get extra slim.


  • RiskyBizness's picture

    One word of caution: like the above poster mentioned, if you have shoulders go with slim, not extra slim fit at BB. All of these eventually rip on me (BB and CT slim/ex slim) but the BB extra slim are too tight on the shoulders if you lift much.

    In general, I'm pretty disappointed with most dress shirts. Slim fit, non-iron shirts consistently rip on me. As cheap as the brand sometimes seems, I would suggest Jos A Banks if you have a problem with elbows giving out. Those have stood up the best for me. CT and BB look great, though.

  • PEsomeday's picture

    Thanks guys. If I went into BB tomorrow, could I use their slim to approximate CT regular, and BB x-slim for CT slim? Just trying to take advantage of the 4/$199 CT deal as opposed to BB right now.

  • dublin's picture

    fyi, CT is just about always 4/199 or better, so don't feel compelled to get in on this particular sale. the two shirts i bought there were about $40 each.

    at BB, if you wait until the good sales come every now and then, you can get down to about $50-55 apiece.

    in terms of size, i favor the BB extra slim, although i'll second the above caution regarding shoulders - i've never been big on working out (read: i've never worked out), and i'm pretty slim, and they're even a little snug on me. i'm considering sizing up one notch to compensate. that said, the rest of the fit is spectacular - and CT slim is really not on the same level of fitted-ness as BB extra slim, although it's a bit better than BB slim

  • abacab's picture

    BB Extra Slim Fit works just right for me. I am somewhat strong in upper body (like 225 lbs bench and 135 lbs shoulder press), but not totally blowing open type big with 32" waist. Slim fit looks like a tent. So just go out and try them on.

  • Bobb's picture

    I've never used any CT Shirts thought I've been wanting to try out their "tailored" fit. I love BB extra-slim fit, the arms and shoulders fit great, no muffin top and everything stays tucked. I have a few TM Lewin slim fit shirts and the BB blow them away. The TM Lewin just doesn't have has close of a fit. I have around a 30 waist, broad shoulders and hit the gym daily.

  • PEsomeday's picture

    Thanks for the tips. Another question I came up with: For business casual, when the top button will be unbuttoned sans tie, is there a particular style of collar you prefer?

  • Hedger's picture

    Wing collar; don't have collar buttons on an untied shirt

  • cplpayne's picture

    BB Slim fit fits me in the shoulders, but the waist is huge. Just ordered CT slim fit hoping they fit a little better, but now I am worried they will be too tight in the shoulders. Any shirt recs for somebody who is a 44L and 32 waist? Or am I pretty much going to have to go to a tailor if I don't like the shirts billowing out of my pants

    "One should recognize reality even when one doesn't like it, indeed, especially when one doesn't like it." - Charlie Munger

  • shera's picture

    My understanding is that CT makes shirts for the typical British physique, which is long skinny limbs and narrow girlish shoulders. Brooks Brothers makes comparable shirts for a wider range: Traditional fit for the morbidly obese; Regular fit for the obese, Slim for those in decent shape, Extra Slim for athletic types.

  • alpha mail's picture

    What's the argument against getting M2M shirts from a good NYC tailor, other than maybe time? If you're coughing up $75-80 bucks for a BB shirt, I think you're much better off paying a $15 premium and getting a well-fitting shirt with good fabric. There are a number of places that have been mentioned on WSO that do shirts for under $100 (price points become even more attractive when you get in on specials / buy in bulk).

  • kmzz's picture

    i know im bumping but
    got a CT slim fit shirt 15/33
    im 5 8, 150lbs, ~41 chest 32 waist
    way too narrow for my shoulders; chest is snug
    and probably need 6" taken out of the waist area

    BB EFS too big in waist, but good up top. gonna cop some during their sale and tailor them. cheaper than MTM in the end too

  • In reply to kmzz
    kmzz's picture

    i know im bumping but
    got a CT slim fit shirt 15/33
    im 5 8, 150lbs, ~41 chest 32 waist
    way too narrow for my shoulders; chest is snug
    and probably need 6" taken out of the waist area

    BB EFS too big in waist, but good up top. gonna cop some during their sale and tailor them. cheaper than MTM in the end too

    got 5-6 BB EFS during the after xmas sale (40%+20%, dont think 15% corp discount stacks) and they fit really well actually. will not have to tailor. they get my reccomendation. 15 1/5 / 32
  • bourgeoisiebracketconsulting's picture

    Hate to dig up an old thread, but does anyone wear the BB "regular fit" shirts? They're supposed to be sized between the BB "traditional fit" and "slim fit" shirts. Weighing 210, the slim fit shirts are too tight around the shoulders/back area, and the traditional fit shirts are too loose around the waist/arms. There's a BB boutique where I live but they've got no regular fits in stock to try 'em out.

    Also, does anyone order like 5x of the SAME exact shirt? Or do people usually order same color/slightly different characteristics?

  • Raptor.45's picture

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