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I've seen this used around here a lot. I've seen people taking about a JP Morgan SuperDay and a UBS SuperDay, but what exactly goes on at these SuperDays?


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    It's actually supposed to be a Super(b)day, because it's the day when all the prospective future employees of the firm come together and meet the current employees. When the MDs look into the gleaming eager eyes of ivy league students, they see a world of potential and it makes them smile with immense happiness. Thus, the MDs are happy because they see a bright new generation of analysts to mold to their liking and the candidate analysts are happy because they have the chance to fuck bitches and get paid bank. Everyone is happy and having a Super(b)day!

    We are excited to formally extend to you an offer to join Bank of Ameria

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    Since people refuse to actually give an answer to this person's question, I will do so. A superday is the final round of interviews for a firm. Normally the firm will fly in their group of candidates, take them to dinner the night before (usually with one or two current employees per table) and put them up at a hotel. The next day, each candidate will have 4-12 half hour interviews, depending on the firm. Many times the same six candidates will rotate through the same six interviewers so they can be evaluated on a "level" playing field. Decisions can be made the same day or like 2 weeks after. It all depends on the firm.

    Hope this helps.