Specifically for Goldman Sachs; when are background checks usually conducted? Are they done immediately after you accept your offer? Or are they conducted much later on? Any insights on this would be great; thanks.

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same question here, I think immediately after.

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immediately after for goldman. you submit forms and the formal employment application immediately after you accept, but they don't actually start conducting the background check until after you submit your drug test.


You will get drug tested, finger printed and have an FBI background check run on you.

As long as you stop smoking pot a month or so ahead of time and don't get arrested, it doesn't matter when.

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When do the drug tests typically take place? Do you have control over that?


Yes you do. I remember when I took an internship at Goldman they let us do the drug test whenever as long as it was before we started (a week before, I believe). You also get to choose where to do the drug test. I just did it in NY so its pretty flexible.


Can't comment on Goldman, but I know my BB started doing background checks not too long after accepting the offer - one of my prior employers called me asking who the hell is calling trying to verify my past employment there, lol.

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