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When is the next WSO SFO meet up?When is the next SFO/Bay area meet up? ...
21 year 8 months ago
Joining WSO GroupsHello, can someone tell me how i can join the WSO Groups. I clicked on the WSO group links but all i see is discussions or threads about groups. I was also informed that there was a join button next to the groups but I can not seem to find that either. ...
01 year 8 months ago
Extra-Curricular's for FLDP / Rotational FolksI wanted to see what some of you FLDP / rotational folks are doing for EC's. As you guys all know, moving 2500+ miles (twice) and then working 60+ hrs, its tough to get assimilated into a new community and network. MBA admissions are definitely on the 2 to 3 year horizon and I haven't done any real ...
41 year 8 months ago
KCG Holdings Sales & Trading Summer AnalystI have a S&T SA offer, and I was wondering if anyone knew about KCG's reputation on the street and how their bonuses/salaries stack up against bulge brackets. ...
11 year 9 months ago
BAML US vs EuropeHi, recently I was gathering some information about BAML and reading around this forum you get the impression that baml is at the bottom of the BBs reputation-wise (only ahead of UBS). For me as a European, this was quite surprising as I and many people I know (including university mates as well as ...
01 year 9 months ago
Carry on Deal OriginationI posted this to the PE forum, but wanted to reach out to a more knowledgeable base. If you could please post to the discussion page at: , it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any information that they would wish to not ...
01 year 9 months ago
Need some advice on thisi am yet to make one of the hardest decision in my life as the year ends..should i risk my 4.0 GPA from a non target business school( Lehman College) to a target/semi target business school (Baruch College) ? ...
Bright A
41 year 11 months ago
San Francisco Bay Area Investment Professionals, Bankers, VCs and PEFor those who work, live and play in the Bay Area, finance related. Intro: some advice on living here in Gifs, from Don Wu of Tumblr fame : San Francisco moments For more, go to ...
01 year 11 months ago
Equity Capital Markets- Morgan StanleyHi, I am curious to learn more about ECM group, does anyone have any recommended reading to prepare for this process? ...
31 year 11 months ago


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