Just wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can get an actual example of an Excel-based, full-blown LBO and operating model on the web? I just would like to get an Excel file from somewhere that I can use to understand the LBO model in all its detail. I have found a lot of general guides on how to build a model but I really would like to study a full-fledged example. Would appreciate any help.

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Damodaran has some basic stuff available

You will have a difficult time finding a full blown, multi-case toggle LBO model for free online for a variety of reasons (most are highly proprietary, many are externally linked and a good model is actually quite valuable). With that said, your best bet is to go with one of the standard offerings, WSP, TTS, Deal Maven or Patrick's reco'd group, Analyst Exchange.


Panderson's example is actually a pretty solid example the only issue is that without any deal experience or operational knowledge it may be difficult to determine the appropriate assumptions but def a good foundation


As previously put in my other post, there is another decent model on this link:
47. Combination Model

This is basically a Merger model, if you will.


www.privateequity101.org. Get the full shell, not the tutorial if you want a full-blown model.


One of the best sites for learning modeling... and it has a pretty solid LBO model as well.

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One of the best sites for learning modeling... and it has a pretty solid LBO model as well.

Great find. Silver banana for you.

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