Hey guys,

I know this forum is largely for wall street related posts but I have seen some posts creep around here about internships and jobs at Google from time to town.

So from anyone who is working/has worked at the GOOG, can you tell us what your experience was like? What you were doing? And since you are on this forum, why you picked it over the traditional finance track?

What does someone need to do to score a a job with one of their strategy teams and what is the work environment actually like (I know we constantly here about how creative it is and the massages and the gourmet meals and the slides and the beer on Fridays yada yada, what's the real deal)?

Thanks so much, best responses get SBs

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I have covered this pretty extensively in the following thread...post any specific questions you have there.

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^^^ You must read his thread if you are looking for a job in corp dev/strat. But, more specific for Google, my impression is they don't hire students into their corp dev/strat departments. I was curious about this myself so I looked through Google's job site and it seems they want some prior experience before taking you into the dev/strat groups.

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Second OhYeah, they take experienced hires period. Even the undergrad interns placed in BizOps were told from the beginning that they wouldn't be able to convert into that group for full-time even if they were spectacular performers.


BillBank, sounds like you have some real knowledge on Google. Do you know the path to corp strat/dev in Google, through the company? What would be the best entry level job to take, at Goggle, if I wanted to move into strategy or corpdev down the line. Thanx.

"Sincerity is an overrated virtue" - Milton Friedman


Any info on Google Corporate strategy team? Coming in say after 2 years in consulting? What the team is like hours, pay etc?


I know an Associate Strategist and a few Product Managers at Google. Keeping in contact because they're interested in my IBM background and I might look around after I get promoted to Senior Consultant. So here's what I know so far.

I know the salary is over 100+k all-in, but it's not as much as I'd make if I stayed in consulting. I don't care though.

Within strategy, there's several areas. Adwords, secondary products such as Google Apps, and there's a pseudo think-tank group that comes up with idea...just to give you an example. Your actual location is based on your group.

Yah, out of undergrad it IS possible. I interviewed for it (can't say anything about the interview because they made me sign a NDA) but I only got interviewed due to an internal referral. It's similar to the RAMP program in that most of the picked people come from referrals by higher-ups.

Business development? I know nothing about that.

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