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I applied for an internship at GS for their IMD and I want to prepare for the interview as I wait for confirmation. Not being pretentious or anything, but I figure its a win-win: if i get the interview, I'll be prepared, if not, I'll learn some stuff anyways.

I know that IMD is broken down to AM and PWM, and I was wondering how to prepare for each. For now, I'm reading the Vault Guide for PWM because I am a sophomore and I figure that its more likely that they're most likely going to put a sophomore (from a non target school) into PWM than AM. What else can I do to prep? My technical knowledge is very limited, so how can I make up for that?

Thanks in advance for the input.

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had a GS PWM interview last month.. it was almost entirely fit based (i.e. talking about your resume, your strengths, why GS, etc.) didnt have any technical questions- just know the company's stock price and where the S&P is at

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