Hi everyone- I have just completed my first year as an analyst with a Real Estate Investment firm in Buffalo, NY. I graduated from Canisius College, a Jesuit School, which is also located in the buffalo area. I am determined to get to Wall Street as an analyst or a trader, but I am looking for any advice/tips from anyone who has gone through the process from my perspective. I have modeling skills and am in the process of completing the wall street prep modeling training. I am using linkedin constantly as a way to connect with recruiters. Is there anything else that I can/ should be doing? Is there any where/ any industry that I woull have a better shot at breaking into versus another? Any assistance is sincerely appreciated. Cheers.

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The company research link at the top of the screen, search by zip code, call every one of those firms and ask. Surprisingly, you can get luckier just searching firms and cold calling than specific alumni. Alumni help for sure, but sometimes only have so much pull. Do both and you'll be on your way.

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you really need to figure out what you want to do/understand the types of positions. when you say something like " i want to get to wall street as an analyst or a trader" it is clear you really haven't researched any of the types of jobs you'll be looking to break into. go to mergers and inquisitions, use the search function here, go to the FAQ section, and read everything you can about the different roles within investment banks, and then we can help a lot more.

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