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Is listing your high school necessary on a resume for summer analyst positions? It's not like I attended a well-regarded prep school or even a highly ranked high school - I was homeschooled through high school and in college I transferred from a large state school honors program to a target after my sophomore year. That means with my "high school" I have three academic institutions listed on my resume that take up more space than I would like.

I'm thinking of just leaving my high school information off entirely. I've heard this is OK from some people and not from others. Any thoughts?

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    CityGirl wrote:
    General rule of thumb, half way through sophomore year in college you need to take hs off... so, you fit under that rule!

    I'm not sure I buy this. I've heard anything cool you did in high school is legit for the resume if you're in college, and a brief high school section is good especially if you were valedictorian or did something that reflects your personality. Thoughts?

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    Well, I could see how Valedictorian is relevant, but the thought process of taking it off as a sophomore before junior year is that you will have established other things that you actively participate in, and work experience. If you leave high school clubs, etc, they aren't as relevant because you're not doing them anymore - simply because you aren't in high school. A special award or honor would go in the awards/honors area, as opposed to a HS section, and thats how you would get around keeping Valedictorian but removing "Key Club Member 2004-2005" type stuff.

    But, this is what alumni have told me / career services.

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    funny you bring up this topic, i had the same issue when applying for my SA positions.

    it all depends on the high school you went to. i went to a well known high school in nyc, stuyvesant h.s.

    the general answer is no, keep it off. this is what i was told during 2 resume critiques, by interviewers from toyota & proctor & gamble (I used to be an engineer).

    i was stubborn and kept it on. then at a career fair, a goldman dude noticed my high school on my res and we talked about it for a while. i told him about the toyota and PG ppl and he said i'd be nuts if i took it off.

    unless you went to a school that wil turn heads, keep it off.

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