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Hi all,

I haven't posted for quite some time but I've been very busy with school. I'm a sophomore looking for an internship next summer at a boutique IB and have a question for the networking ninjas.

Over the summer, I networked and called pretty much every small or MM IB in both my home city and the city I go to school in. Overall this went very well, people seemed to be pretty receptive to me and a couple mentioned interning. The problem I have now though is how to follow up with these people over the next couple of weeks before I go back to school. I assume it would be appropriate to mention interest in an internship? I've been thinking of how to write the emails for over an hour but I can't think of the right way to do it. Any advice on how to follow up with a request with someone I haven't talked to in 6 months?


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    I would like to know this too. I find it hard enough to just message someone after a year or two, even for a casual chat. A lot of my university acquaintance who were senior to me now work in FS and I simply don't know how I can make the first contact again without looking like a gold digger of some sort.

    Being a prospective monkey I am bound to post stupid comments due to my lack of expert knowledge. I implore you to correct me harshly or constructively, and I will appreciate any learning opportunity.

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    I'll give you some advice, just do it. Seriously, it's not that hard, just mention you talked to them a year ago and are interested in internships. It seems hard but once you send it it will be fine, if they were nice before then they will be again.
    edit: just realized i didn't answer your whole question, Maybe just say, hey my name is x and talked to you last summer under some circumstances, you mentioned potential internship opportunities and I was wondering if there were still any opportunities as I am interested in them.
    Or something like that

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    Hey XXX,

    I hope all is well. We spoke a while back about blah finance blah investment banking blah and I wanted to reach out again to inquire about any internship opportunities your firm has this summer.

    Tweak to make more/less cheesey as desired.

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    Don't find it awkward, if they helped you once they will do it again. Honestly, having someone to follow up with long term is by far the best. Say someone gets 20 emails from students over the course of the year- they see yours and know that they have spoken with you 4 months ago. They recognize the name, and it feels much less like you are trying to use them than it might otherwise. The majority of the people that have helped me out during this recruiting season have been people I reached out to last winter/this summer and then followed up with this fall. Moneymogul's template is pretty much spot on. Hope all is well, now looking into internships, wanted to reach back out to them to get any advice on pursuing opportunities. Bang, done.

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    Cookies With Milken wrote:
    That is what holidays are for.

    Hello XYZ, wanted to wish you a happy new year. I'm currently up to 123 and yourself? Lets catch up I'll be in your area on this date lets grab some coffee.


    I recently got rejected by a boutique and the HR told me to keep in touch and email her if i need help with other applications etc. While I dont plan on asking her to proof read every cover letter I just want to send her an email reminding her of me and just start this whole communication. One of the interviewers had given me her card at the interview and I emailed her thanking for her time - she never replied back.

    So not sure about the etiquette.

    Being a prospective monkey I am bound to post stupid comments due to my lack of expert knowledge. I implore you to correct me harshly or constructively, and I will appreciate any learning opportunity.

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    "They are all former investment bankers that were laid off in the economic collapse that Nancy Pelosi caused. They have no marketable skills, but by God they work hard."