I have been working at a pre-cash flow start-up for about a half year. Recently, I have been approached by a few boutique i-banks I applied to over the summer. I am currently trying to decide which option to pursue. I am building strong connections while working at the start-up (Multiple top b-school alumni). However, the pay is extremely sub-par and while I will receive equity, the cash out is probably further than sooner. The boutique I-Banks are very small (8-12 people) and therefore I am worried about the prestige factor when applying to business schools, PE fims etc... Any insight on what exit opportunities there are for small regional banks (industry focused) with only one or two MD's. Anyone been in a similar situation to this? Sorry for the lack of information, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm all about entrepreneurship, if you think there's opportunity to be had at the start up, even down the line I would stay. Not only will you be working a quarter of the IB hours but you will also be making much more if it takes off.

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regarding "boutique ibank prestige factor" thats not an issue for bschool... a boutique is a boutique to them, but its still IBD

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