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I thought everything went perfectly. I had a blast with the analysts/associates that I spoke with during dinner the night before and lunch the day of the interview. We were just talking, me asking questions, them asking questions, just randomly talking about random things.

There were 2 second round interviews - one fit and one case. I thought I rocked the fit, he really just asked me about my background and I asked questions until the end of the interview. Case I thought I did really well since I have a small investment banking background - threw stuff out like DCF, Market Comps, multiples, he asked me questions on how to calculate WACC, Beta, etc. and I knew all the answers. There was also a writing sample which I have no doubt in my mind I annihilated because it sounded extremely professional (which it was supposed to be).

I felt really confident (most confident EVER for any interview) and I got rejected. I had an interview with a MM investment bank right after theirs, but I told them they were my first choice since the HR rep asked. She probably called BS, but I e-mailed her after and said I hope they didn't think I would not have accepted or anything, but she said they thought other candidates would have been a better fit. It seems like they're STILL hiring for the same positions.

I cannot imagine why they said no...? I have a friend that got in and I'm 100% sure I am more qualified than him in terms of GPA and overall extracurriculars, even more personable and everything. What could have happened...?

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  • swordfish24's picture

    did you see yourself as a fit at CRA? sounds like you are much more interested in banking than anything else (judging from your two posts). either you didn't convey interest in econ consulting or the people at CRA saw right through it

  • xprest1ge's picture

    Good point, but even though I had some background in IB in terms of that was actually my first choice months ago, it completely changed. I told the interviewer that I've talked to people and it was a mix between IB and Consulting, and I really didn't want to kill my social life because of the hours at IB, so this was the perfect dream job.

    I've moved on, just don't want to repeat the same mistake again.

  • StoudeMelo's picture

    what school did you go to? i applied to CRA from a nontarget with great internship experience but didn't even get a response....been pissing me off the last couple days since I thought i was a perfect fit for the role

  • Sandhurst's picture

    CRA? Do you mean a CRA as in S&P/Moody's/Fitch? Ran a quick Google search w/o an answer. Thanks.

    "There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat."

  • TopDGO's picture

    I used to work in economic consulting and my group would routinely pass over candidates that felt they were too flashy or too finance oriented. Reason being is that if they bring you in and you realize that you're smarter and harder working than the people they have, and leave after a year, they are out all the money it took to train you. In all honesty, that was probably me. Sooo, from my point of view, if your post is honest, you may have come out lucky. Go somewhere better than CRA.

  • xprest1ge's picture

    I kind of got that vibe but still need a good full-time position going into this summer, and this seemed like my last hope. Culture and pay seemed amazing, so I wouldn't have left. I swear it seems like I'm over qualified for most jobs and underqualified for IB, it's nuts.

    Thanks for the post TopDGO.

  • In reply to rhesus
    Sandhurst's picture

    CRA? Do you mean a CRA as in S&P/Moody's/Fitch? Ran a quick Google search w/o an answer. Thanks.

    CRA = Charles River Associates. They do economic consulting--similar to NERA, Cornerstone, Analysis Group, Bates White, etc.

    Ohh shit, I know them. I think I applied actually..

    "There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat."

  • Hayek's picture

    I work in economic consulting and my guess here is that you came off as too interested in IB. The ideal candidate for this sort of job is a high GPA econ major who wrote a thesis and has research experience (RA for a prof, etc.) We (not necessarily me personally, but my company) tends to shy away from people who appear too interested in management consulting/finance. Economic consulting is a very niche field, and I think that the hiring culture places a strong premium on getting people who clearly have it as their #1 choice and who are very research oriented.

  • xprest1ge's picture

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