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13% (155 votes)
87% (1065 votes)
Total votes: 1220

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  • aachimp's picture

    we really need a question more along the lines of "Does anyone you know that has cheated, gotten caught and punished for it?" This one leaves room for people that don't know anyone that's cheated.

  • highcidity's picture

    darkness comes to light eventually

    "Perfection breeds Perfection"

  • opticalcharge's picture

    The percentage is very high for those who answered "yes." I thought it would have been lower!

  • OpsDude's picture

    which one is more "chellanging"

    posting a new topic in completely the wrong place, or spelling challenging?

  • dongminate's picture

    ^ lol It just doesn't pay to lie in the long run...what about the short run? =P

  • arcanne's picture

    I guess it pays in the "short" run depending on how short.

    Banking > VC > Tech PE; PM me if you would like any advice I'm happy to help

  • elektrikq's picture

    I actually had a buddy this year who was offered a position and lost it. He basically put his last semester's GPA instead of his cumulative GPA. In the interview he mentioned that it was just the past semester. They still offered him the job...but a few weeks later they rescinded their offer.

  • Coorsman's picture

    Whatever gets you the job....

  • quantjock's picture

    Hi everyone
    I have 2 yrs exp in an actuarial analyst position.
    Very strong quant background, Ivy undergrad, 780 GMAT
    Is the MEng Financial Egr a good way to break into IB?
    Or am I better off going for an MBA?

    Also would I start as an associate or analyst? (after a MFE)

  • slickmac's picture

    You are better off learning where to post...

  • In reply to aachimp
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