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Hey everyone,

I am a senior finishing up my undergrad at a target school and I would like to a find a job where I can develop and trade my own quantitative based strategies, preferably at a hedge fund. I have experience developing and backtesting strategies that actually work and show solid returns with low drawdowns, good sharpe, etc. Stuff that a HF could actually use and generate profit from. The problem is that I have been working on this all in my spare time and can't really convey my knowledge properly on a resume.

In the best case, I am looking for a small hedge fund with an entrepreneurial environment with little bureaucracy. I know most funds want PHDs, or at least MS candidates, but I am looking for advice on how I can make myself stand out and at least get my foot in the door for an interview?

Thanks for reading

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    ...i think you will have a tough time getting a job running money right away, but if you really have developed these algo strategies then I believe you will have no problem getting a job as an analyst at a top-flight hedge fund if you are tenacious. From there you can angle your way into a PM job.

    Many older guys who are partners at funds but dont really understand algorithmic trading will salivate over the mention of your out of the box, ready-to-go, trading systems. I think this is one case where well-researched cold-calling could actually get you a job. Get the email address formats of some hedge funds, do some digging/googling to get some names, and email them what you said above with some more specifics...really lay it on thick and make it sound like you spent most of your college years locked up in your dorm developing automated trading strategies....i bet if you send out enough of them somebody will bite.