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I'm wondering what is the compensation model used across consulting firms especially for senior or partner positions.
Probably you get part of the revenue you directly bring in. Another part should be related to the amount of delivery services you directly operate or manage.
Any insight on this? Do you know of any source where I can details on the model being used by MBB or others.


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    A partner in my firm BCG basically outlined as this:
    * after paying all the associate, consultant, project leaders, and principals at BCG, the remaining profit is X
    * all partners are guarantee 1.2 million base + extra
    * extra is proportionally distributed by the total of revenues you bring in for BCG from various projects that year.

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    We are a group of senior indipendent consultants and we are planning to start a new firm with operating staff, junior and middle consultants... Now we are discussing our compensation model and each of us has it's own idea. I wanted some information on the best practices being used in big firms.

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    BCGDreamer wrote:
    @devildog2067, I went to the Sell Weekend and everybody at BCG are very honest and just basically answered all questions we had!

    And I'm sure the Boston partners appreciate your willingness to pass that information along to the rest of the world.

    1) Partner comp is substantially more complex than that

    2) Friendly advice, one of the most important skills in consulting is the ability to keep your mouth shut.