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Off the top of my head, Paulson and Co. and the Soros fund only recruit at HBS. I'm sure there are a few others.

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    jjc1122 wrote:
    I can't think of any firm that only recruits at HBS. Even blackstone recruits at HBS, wharton, columbia, and uchicago.

    i think plenty of firms recruit at only one school. it's more of a reflection of the number of expected hires, as opposed to strictly a reflection of the school. i know one small HF that only recruits at Kellogg (founder is an alum), and one that only recruits at Tuck (two of three senior guys from Tuck). both places only hire one person a year. there's really no need for them to spend the money and time to recruit at multiple schools if they've already found success recruiting at one place they like.

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    Buyside <a href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1145861&amp;c=cart&amp;aff=44880&amp;ejc=2&amp;cl=175031" rel="nofollow">CFA</a> wrote:
    OP: Are you referring to firms that only recruit at HBS for MBA hires? Bridgewater recruits at many schools for UG but I think they only recruit at HBS for MBA hires, at least for OCR.

    As far as recruiting, I’m talking on site presentation and interviews– not just a resume drop.

    Yes; I was referring to MBA hires.

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    accountspayable wrote:
    It's like that with a lot of companies. Bain is the only MBB that has any sort of recruiting on the West Coast, the other two don't even bother to venture far from Boston.

    Haha...I like how you say that so confidently even though it's completely untrue.

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    There seems to be an unduly large east coast/HBS-centric bias on this forum. It is more common for top recruiters to be exclusive to HBS and Stanford together than to one or the other. When it is one or the other, it's usually due to geographic proximity or alumni ties and only needing one person (as another poster already mentioned). But most often, top firms will go through both schools (and Wharton frequently as well).

    (For instance, another poster incorrectly mentioned Bridgewater as an example - I know they took full-time and summer MBAs from both HBS and Stanford this year. Can't speak to Wharton, but wouldn't be suprised if they placed some people as well.)

    Generally speaking, these exclusive firms are limited to top PE/HF. And it's not necessarily that H/S are superior to other schools by themselves. It's more a function of most people with top PE/HF experience are at these schools, so it just makes sense to focus limited recruiting bandwidth, especially when they need only one or two people.

    And btw, many of these top firms don't even go through official OCR. They'll purchase the resume book and contact you if they want to talk to you. So it's not like getting into one of these schools is a golden ticket (though there are advantages).

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    I qualified that with "I think" - I noticed on the careers section that HBS was listed on the career calendar but not GSB. Many HBS people were included in the profile section but no GSB people