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I am a junior from a target school who is going to be doing an internship at MSSB this summer. It is different than the private wealth management at Morgan Stanley as this one is called global wealth management. Essentially, I will be working with clients with LESS than 20 million in assets while PWM at Morgan Stanley involves clients with MORE than 30 million. A lot of people who do the global wealth management internship are sophomores it seems. Also, I will be working at a branch. I am hoping to work in PWM out of college and/or apply directly to financial engineering masters programs as I have taken a lot of higher level stats and math classes. My question is how this internship might be viewed by interviewers for say, PWM at Bulge Brackets and how it might be viewed in general? Should I try to network more towards Morgan Stanley? Thanks!

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Just out of curiosity, why would someone of your background (target with a highly quantitative/analytical background) be looking to go into pwm rather than something more quantitative where you could put everything you've learned to work?

Not telling you not to do it, just curious as to the reasoning.

Btw-it's definitely a relevant internship. Although it isn't a 100% perfect match, it's definitely highly relevant to the field you want to break into.

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Yea, if you do well there and work your ass off, you'll have opportunities. Echo the above question, though. I mean if you love sales that's cool, but since you've taken all those high level classes, not sure why you're looking at going into PWM

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