Hey gents, my first post here. In short, I go to Cornell as an undergrad and as it's winter break I'm just studying up for next semester, got some job shadowing in NYC coming up, and just doing a shit ton of networking. I have a question here on best way about doing this.

So there is some guy that works at a hedge fund in Boston, he's an alum of Cornell's Johnson. I found him through linkedin. I wanted to email him but the hedge funds email format is first name, middle name initial, and last name. (Don't know his middle name so can't send). I don't want to stalk the guy here, but would it be okay if I either A. Called Johnson at Cornell to see if they could pass my contact info along to him? Or B. Call the hedge fund direct and see if they'd transfer me to his direct line? I already sent a linkedin connect along to him. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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Just so you know, it's probably not a good idea to list your exact college/school in posts, or what city Mr. Alumni's HF is in. Most posters prefer to use generic terms like target/non-target schools.

As to your question, you really don't need to worry too much about "etiquette" when it comes to networking. As long as you are somewhat socially competent, just keep the end goal of what you want from Mr. Alumni in your head, and use any networking means necessary to accomplish that. This could include or not include 1. Getting Johnson to pass along your contact info 2. Calling the dude up 3. Straight up strolling into his office. See what I'm getting at?

Hope that helps.

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First of all, look in your alumni directory before you do anything else.

If he's not there, then I'd call the firm and get his email from the assistant/secretary. Don't forget to give a brief background and say you're a Cornell undergrad in order to establish that you're not entirely a random. Mention that you're interested in XYZ (make sure it's relevant to him and not just finance in general).


Do both A and B. Or if you want PM me and I could use Bloomberg search and find it

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Got it. I like #3. And will use "target" in future then.

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You can't always stroll into a HF's office. First of all, it's rude if you're a complete random and you're dependent on whether or not the guy is having a good day (in which case he might think you're awesome and ballsy) or a bad day (in which case he's like why the fuck are you interrupting my day). Second, most of the time you physically won't be able to since there's typically front desks and security guards in buildings. If he works in an office that you can literally just walk in and chat to a receptionist, then go for it... but that's probably not likely.


I don't recommend walking in to see him. That's a bit too desperate and unlike what some people on WSO say, it's quite weird. Just find the dude's e-mail.

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