When I did my SA at a BB, everyone in the office worked with 3 monitors, even the assistants. I am going to work FT at a different BB and noticed during my superday that pretty much everyone only had one monitor.

What is the norm for BBs? Would it be possible to get additional monitors once I start? Personally I found that having 3 monitors is a far more efficient way to get shit done.

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I'm not sure about three, but I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for two. At the bank I worked at, we would simply ask IT if we needed an additional piece of hardware / software / whatever. For the small stuff, they'd just take care of it on the spot. For the more expensive stuff, you'd need to get approval from a senior guy.

As a note, everyone had laptops and one desktop monitor. Some people chose to work on just the single monitor while others did a dual laptop / monitor setup.


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2 Monitors or laptop screen and a monitor is what I have seen at all the places where I've worked.

Traders get more screens than bankers, also Capital Markets tend to have extra monitors.

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I wouldn't ask for another monitor unless you see a good number of people using this setup. Nobody has more than one monitor at my firm and as compbanker said, many use the laptop / monitor combo. If everybody else is just fine with only one screen, don't make yourself look like a tool by asking for an extra one.


I've got a laptop and just got a 23 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse for my desk and it works great.


Every BB or good boutique I know of either provides dual monitors or a laptop & desktop monitor setup. Being able to have information you pull up on one screen and Powerpoint/Excel open on the other is extremely useful.

If you're worried about bucking the trend, then just ask a 2nd-year analyst or associate what's up with just having one monitor. You're a FT employee now, not an intern, you do whatever makes it easier to survive. Your bonus/performance review is not going to go down because you asked if it's possible to get a 2nd monitor.


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