Upstart to Monetize Your Future Potential

Want to sell a future portion of your income to fund a business idea? Welcome to Upstart .

After passing a rigorous background check, would-be entrepreneurs build a fundraising page with their business proposal and credentials laid out, just like an artist might raise funds on Kickstarter. Then, the site's cache of "backers" (i.e. investors) have their pick of the litter. Investments start at $100, and backers can fund however much or little they'd like. On the flip side, Upstarts can also deny investments from backers if they choose.

Would You Cancel Your Home Internet Service?

Somewhat interesting article in the journal regarding cutting internet service in favor of using their wireless connections on their smartphones combined with wireless hot spots in places like starbucks .

[quote]For all the fuss over Americans dropping their cable subscriptions in favor of Internet video, another type of cord cutting appears to be more common.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans canceled their home Internet service last year, surveys suggest, taking advantage of the proliferation of Wi-Fi hot spots and fast new wireless networks that have made Web connections on smartphones and tablets ubiquitous.

ESPN and the Business of Sports

Sports is a fascinating business to me. It is truly amazing how quickly sports have grown into billion dollar franchises with top end players making up to $30 million a year. Baffling. On top of it, the numbers for broadcasting rights keep climbing right along with them and frankly seem to be entering into nosebleed territory. Even the vaunted ESPN is feeling the effects of the bidding wars and rising content prices .


In the last 24 months, ESPN has agreed to huge rights deals with a bunch of leagues and events. Some of the highlights:

$15.2 billion over 10 years for Monday Night football (73% higher annually than the previous deal).

The Fabulous Fab is Still Kicking

Here's a fun one. Remember Fabrice Toure, owner of the infamous emails from Goldman that the SEC is still battling of Abacus? Apparently, he is now at University of Chicago and is even a TA.

[quote]The SEC sued Goldman and Mr. Tourre, then a vice president, in April 2010, alleging they misled investors on a collateralized-debt obligation called Abacus 2007-AC1 that produced big losses for investors and big gains for hedge-fund firm Paulson & Co . A collateralized-debt obligation, or CDO , pools loans, such as subprime mortgages, with slices of the security sold to investors.

Soros Obituary Published In Error... They Meant to Publish Dell's

Firstly, I had to laugh when I saw the Reuters story and the accidentally published Soros obituary. Imagine the look on his face when he saw that story. Secondly, I wasn't exactly laughing when I saw this story this morning .

In a letter to Dell 's board, Blackstone cited an "unprecedented" 14 percent market decline in PC volume in the first quarter, according to a statement today. The world's biggest buyout firm made a non-binding offer to acquire Dell last month, rivaling a $24.4 billion joint bid by founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC, the largest proposed leveraged buyout since the financial crisis.