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I am a sophomore majoring in engineering and trying to apply for a couple sophomore ibanking programs. I would really appreciate if you can review my resume and criticize it, so I can make it better.


Thanks in advance!

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    First off I assume that 'GamesStartip' is just a placeholder you added, because it's spelt incorrectly.

    - You say led to increased efficiency for staff with iPad lending, if you have any actual figures include them, anyone can say "improved efficiency"
    - Same thing for the increased downloads at the gaming startup, tangible figures are always good
    - Looks like a possible double space between 'college' and 'to' in the Scholarship club
    - For competitive sailing, mention if you have won any awards / trophies / whatever else ranks you in sailing
    - I don't think there is any need to mention exactly what funding your scholarship covers you for, just 'Full scholarship'

    All very minor points, it looks pretty decent.

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    Yes that is a placeholder, meant to say Games Startup.

    Thank you for pointing out the actual figures part. I will edit it to put actual figures in both of them.

    For sailing, I haven't won any individual awards but I am on the varsity team (which I mention under activities). So do you think I should leave it under interests, if I already have it under activities as varsity sailing team?

    Regarding scholarship should I just mention the name of the scholarship and then in parenthesis mention "Full Scholarship" ?

    Thanks once again!