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I'm currently a Freshman winding up my first semester at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Previous to the past few weeks I was unsure, really, of what I wanted to do as a profession and where I wanted to go with my life. After doing what I would consider to be solid research on many finance, I settled on IB.

I've begun reading Monkey Business, Liar's Poker, and all other basic texts as well as doing my best to keep up with all financial news. I'm aware that I don't go to a target school remotely, although my first semester is going to be almost assuredly a 4.0 (so that's a plus).

So my questions to everyone are these:
What else should I be doing (besides obviously taking the necessary courses)?
How should I go about obtaining an internship this summer in Richmond?
What's the best way to network?

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  • Nicholas Van Orton's picture

    And also, should I be looking to transfer schools?

  • In reply to Nicholas Van Orton
    rooster3t's picture

    Nicholas Van Orton:
    And also, should I be looking to transfer schools?

    absolutely. if you're getting a 4.0 at VCU then you shouldn't have a problem transferring to a target/semi-target. Why don't you look into transferring to UVA, assuming you are in-state and do well for a few quarters you have a good shot and your odds of getting an IB internship/job will exponentially increase.

  • JohnAnthony7's picture

    If you are in-state you should definitely try to get into UVA. Make a list now of 10 solid schools with Finance programs that you want to transfer to. As far as internships in Richmond go, do some research on firms in the area and cold-call them during your winter break expressing interest in working there as a summer intern.

  • asiamoney's picture

    Transferring would definitely help boost your chances... much easier to break into the industry from a target or at least a semi-target. Lots of discussion about this topic on WSO.

  • Nicholas Van Orton's picture

    What schools, besides UVA, would be considered target or semi-target on the East Coast? Mind, I know the big names just not the smaller ones.

  • triplectz's picture

    Ivies, MIT, Duke, and UNC would all be solid.

  • Black Jack's picture

    For freshman summer look at the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond- I know they hire interns and not just students finishing their jr. year. Solid hours, solid pay, and even if you don't do anything that interesting it looks good on a resume. Depending on what you do, could be very interesting to banks (I know someone who worked on stress tests for the large banks and then was hired at GS the following summer).

  • ct banker's picture

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