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So it looks like Apple is going to get crushed another 10% tomorrow. I have held this stock after being it at $100 and again at $250, It is around 18% of my entire portfolio and I am just curious as to what other people holding Apple stock is planning on doing?

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    Holding it, I was thinking of selling about an hour ago but then realized that this was an overreaction and that Apple will likely be fine. It's so cool to hate on Apple right now but there is little merit. Tons of excuses to hate it. Seen nothing serious. Obviously not a lot of catalysts to buy either. Kind of a dead period.

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    If you're long you pretty much have to hold it. The multiple is very tempting at these levels and I don't take issue with anyone buying/holding since the numbers weren't all that bad. I still think the growth will level off significantly and permanently and they'll settle in safely next to Microsoft in a couple of years, but sub-400 I'd be fired for not at least seriously contemplating taking it long.

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    sell your apple and buy goog, maybe samsung in korea if you can trade in korea. fund flows could be swift - consider yourselves warned.

    but thats a trading call - i'm less switched in on the apple fundamentals. At first glance, BlackHat's post seems quite reasonable.

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    I would say to sell it. Think about it, it had its greatest quarter and it fell 10%. It is likely that major funds are using this as a way to unload their shareholdings, which makes it bad. And another thing is the upside potential. It just had its greatest quarter, what kind of quarter must it have in order for it to return to its former glory. So all in all, low upside, high downside. Sell.

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    split the dang thing it just is too expensive and hard to fathom buying like 30 or 40 share of anything.
    btw HOW!!! so much cash 137 billion! do the math. market cap minus cash on hand divide by shares and then you find the real price.
    about 317 per share reported about 13 dollars a share q1 hmmm... very low PE
    p.s. i was in at 18.00 and no it was not me who screamed from my rooftop when it hit 12 it was free because of cash on hand. it was someone who looked like me. whoops now i am sick to my stomach.
    Of course after hours trading is a great indicator CHOKE
    I made a killing on emotional extended trading so keep bringing this stuff on!!
    Hold it but don't be afraid to channel it a bit especially after hours!

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    Making a call here guys... Apple is going to 0... prove me wrong guys, prove me wrong.

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    I agree with Black Hat, there's some weekly divergence playing on the CCI I think it'll have a nice fast bounce, but I wouldn't hold too long after the bounce, there will be overhead supply. I also believe I see big absorption from institutions in the first 15 minutes.

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