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So i had several interviews and all of them went well except for the one with an HR lady.

Are HR people real people with real opinions or does it not matter that I messed up that interview? Let's assume that my other interviews went extremely well for argument's sake.

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    In my experience, HR opinion is worth less than shit. For my current position, I had my first interview with the partner I now work for. Went amazing. Second interview was with HR. I didn't even bother with it and it went like shit. Third interview was with the senior manager i report to. Also amazing.

    I got the job.


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    Think of HR like the nursing staff at the hospital. They may not carry the weight of a doctor/ surgeon (MD/Partner), but if you get on their bad side chances are a defibrillator might accidentally get stuck up your ass. If you're a young guy looking to break into any industry, show the drones some love or at least don't let it show that you disdain them. Never forget that HR people talk too and in some instances their opinions can hold a lot of sway.

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    Remember the chick that sat next to you in her Ugg Boots texting in B Stats that was a 'Marketing' or PR major? That's HR

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    ^ +1. HR generally are motherfuckers. except a handful.

    i've had a great first impression of HR at GS and KPMG. I suppose with those two that were good (1) can take the cream-of-anything so they actually have to work and have actually gotten 4.0s in management (which is a chore in itself) and (2) had motives to kidnap kids before they found out about better work.

    HR at CS in an Asian bank was epic fail. i wanted to slap the directors face. she was cocky as fuck and didn't really give a shit about why she was there. this is in stark contrast to an HR rep at GS that was amazing. that's fucking service. depressed fucking grads care about first impressions when they can't get a job.

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    Seriously, make friends with HR, make friends with administration, copy room, tech, etc. even after you got the job. Many of them are pretty interesting people and there's no reason to be rude. Makes it easier for you and them. After the end of my summer internship I emailed an admin who was in charge of supplies (books, pens etc.) during the internship and it made her day.

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    HPM wrote:
    Remember the chick that sat next to you in her Ugg Boots texting in B Stats that was a 'Marketing' or PR major? That's HR

    I believe it's spelled "Marketting" with two t's. At least that's how I recall one lady in HR/PR used to spell it when she sent out press material to investors.

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    Well I had 5 interviews with analysts, associates, VPs, and MDs. and my 6th interview was with an HR person and it didnt sound like it went to well and whenever I talked to my 4th and 5th round interviewer they said 'everyone was really impressed with you and liked you' or something along those lines.

    so from the sound of it, i think im straight. provided the HR woman doesnt hate too bad

    thanks fellas

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    HR women are hot...

    But seriously, they dont get much say, they just aggregate the feedback from various people in your group (groups if you rotated through desks) for a summer analyst stint at least. Be nice to them though, because ultimately they are involved in making the offer, certainly doesnt hurt to suck up to them.

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    I think people in this thread are seriously underestimating the amount of power HR has. I know kids who performed well during SA but pissed off HR (skipping mandatory meetings, not doing lame little intern things like interviewing MDs) and didn't get offers.

    In terms of the interview process, I've seen HR offer interviews to students who I didn't think were qualified simply because they had some connection (e.g. they both played field hockey), but getting an offer through an interview will come down to the bankers.

    Still, there is no reason to not have HR on your side. It may annoy you that they aren't as "legit" as you (even though they often came from banking) but they can make your life a living hell.