Ok guys I need your help. I am in my early 30s and for the past 6 years I have been a stock broker. Yes broker, pick up a 100 shares of xyz, churn and burn (not myself), act as if so on and so on. Basically I am no stock genius and have always done well at the sales end but horrible when it came to picking stocks. I have made very good money during my career but its time for a change. I just no longer have the passion to call up people and get them to pick up 1000 shares of ABC. I thought about the financial advisor route, but its all the same. So the question I have is what else can I do. I do love the selling and I do have an intrest in finance but lets be honest being a retial broker I am at the bottom of the pole. My BS comes from a small school and my MBA is from a online university. I feel like I screwed myself looking for the quick buck and never taking school serious. If anyone has any suggestions, please help a broker out.

Broker J

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coke dealer


How much do u make?

I would say stay with broker and build up a client base


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