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I am torn between these two. I am currently at UVA and am on track to be at their Mcinitire School of Commerce. I got a guaranteed transfer in my senior year of HS to Cornell's AEM program. I am not in-state for any of those schools so money really is not a factor. I might go into accounting or finance, I am really not sure at all. Which school is better for those two concentrations? Also, which school would get better recruiting from NYC? I know that the uva business school technically is ranked higher, but which one is more prestigious on wall street?

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    Cornell. Kids at other Ivies love to shit on it, but the fact of the matter is you are getting an Ivy League education, access to a strong network, strong OCR, and the prestigious undergrad background that adcoms are going to look for if you apply to MBA programs and that PE shops look for as well.

    I had friends at UVA and visited, it is an absolutely awesome place and McIntire isn't a joke by any means, but if you have Cornell waiting for you, head to Ithaca my friend.

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    Bruce Wayne:
    Brother currently goes to Cornell - they got BB postings + Lazard/Evercore/Greenhill + Blackstone + other solid postings. Go to Cornell.

    (I wonder if this thread is gonna turn into a flame war. In before the shitstorm, I guess.)

    Cornell get postings from just about everywhere other than megafund PE, Credit Suisse, and Moelis.
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    Lots of misinformation here.... I was in the exact same position and went with UVA. UVA gets all BB + all others mentioned above + regional southern boutiques.... Plus McIntire kids do extremely well vs rest of UVA in recruiting as the best "school" at UVA. Same thing can't be said about Cornell, where AEM isn't really considered the best program at the uni.

    Personally I decided on consulting over IB... And we get MBB + ow/Booz/s&o/monitor... So quite strong there too

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    I imagine you really can't go wrong with either choice. Make your decision based on lifestyle in my opinion. I love Cornell, great campus, great people, great opportunities but the social life is only so so in terms of people throwing bangers.

    The only thing I would say is that if you have an interest in real estate then you should definitely think long and hard about coming to Ithaca. The real estate minor is fantastic and we get alot of specialized recruiting for that in particular (both buy and sell side).

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    Thanks to all for the immediate responses. Would you say accounting is good at cornell aem though? Also, I'm sure many of you went to other schools and might not know the curriculum, but is it very hard to possibly double major in something else like statistics or something while at cornell?

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