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A friend of mine (junior-year) is currently stuck between a diamond and a soft place:

-Girl #1 he's been crushing on forever, and he recently found out that she likes him back; she's smart, cute and personable, and will probably be getting into a top medical school. They get along quite well.

-Girl #2 is average looking, a little bland personality wise, and quite frankly seems a little slow...but her father does run a ~2bn hedge fund. Girl #2 is very infatuated with him, and he's pretty sure he can leverage the relationship to possibly get an internship at the place.

He's alright in intelligence, has some mediocre internship experience, and he's having trouble landing any of the awesome internships. I guess this choice is also metaphorical for life vs. career.

I understand how terribly unethical this situation may sound, but then again, results are results. Opinions on what he should do?

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    I'll assume this is a troll post. If not, I'm going to assume you are the "friend." Regardless, the idea that someone would pass on by all accounts a better woman for someone that will get him a measly internship is kind of pathetic. Network, cold call into a job and date the better girl. Easy enough.

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    this decision essentially comes down to whether to pursue #1- feelings or #2- money. That being said, the only ppl who think $ will make them happy forever r those who never had it. Likewise, those who think they met a girl who will make them happy forever have never dated before. So I guess it comes down to which lasts longer. From my experience, the happiness from $ ends slightly quicker than that from relationships so I'd do #1


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    IMO this would be a lot harder if it were an absolute choice between love and money. It's not. If you pick true love (or starter marriage, whatever), you can still earn big bucks, right? If you pick daddy's girl, you can always break up with her after a respectable amount of time and crawl back to nmbr 1. Although the latter move is pretty shitty for the girl. Just because her daddy's rich doesn't mean she has no feelings.

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    Tell him to flip a coin.

    Whichever one he ends up rooting for while its in the air is the girl for him...

    - Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.
    - The harder you work, the luckier you become.
    - I believe in the "Golden Rule": the man with the gold rules.

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    Who said you can't pursue 2 relationships at once

    ~High GPA Crew~
    ~Firms Reach Out to Me Crew~
    ~Round Down My GPA to Look Modest Crew~
    ~Never Use 'Incoming' on LinkedIn Crew~

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    Completely disagree with the above. In this type of economy you really have to get creative. In order to fully score that internship, you're going to have to make sure that girl #2 does NOT have daddy problems. If she does, things will get messy real quick and you're better off with girl one.

    I would definitely keep girl 1 on the back burner just in case though. After you're done with your internship, you should be able to get one of your friends to hook up with girl #2 so you can break up with her and get back with girl #1.

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    go.with.the.flow wrote:
    IlliniProgrammer wrote:
    Go for #1 and don't look back. Life's too short.

    -burnt out 26-year-old banker.

    IP are you retired?

    It's tempting. Double my current savings, and I think I could swing a downstate IL retirement. But my current dividends just have me living in a relatively nice hut in South Africa enjoying something one or two steps up from Ramen noodles (PB&J?) and one can of PBR every evening.

    I want a 600 square foot house. I want to heat it to 62 degrees in the winter. I need health insurance. I enjoy chicken every once in a while. I want to be able to maintain a rusty honda. I want three cans of PBR every evening. I hope I can have a little extra money to go hang gliding. If I get that, I'm retired.

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    If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford