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I'm headed to an MBA program (UNC or Emory) in the Fall to transition from consulting into investment banking. I currently live in the Southeast, and I'd like to stay here, so I've been considering Charlotte as a place to start out post-MBA. I have heard that Wells Fargo and BoA have big presences there.

Assuming that I'm well qualified, would it be difficult to find a job specifically in Charlotte?

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    The key to Charlotte is to look for the true MM or boutique firms like BlackArch partners and Edgeview.

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    I think BofA IBD is completely gone from Charlotte now. They had a great lev fin group that held out for a while but I think they've been moved up to NYC as well; correct me if I'm wrong though. Wells or the above boutiques (with McColl added as well) are the best bets.

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    With a consulting background and an MBA from either one of those schools, assuming you network well and get the necessary grades, you will walk into Charlotte. There are a ton of MM firms in Charlotte that have a great rep and Wells is huge there (and growing). On the other hand, BAML is now mostly in NYC in terms of IBD.

    I'd strongly consider approaching Wells. They are becoming a big name in IBD these days.

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