I am a Senior at a non-target and am currently trying to find an internship with an Asset Management company or with a Financial Advisor. I was going to take classes over the entire summer but realized I needed to get some experience under my belt before I graduate in the Spring of 2011. My classes end in 3 weeks and I am trying to get an internship from this time to the beginning of the fall semester. I have created a list of companies I am going to pursue this week but am a little uncertain if it is too short of notice to start calling or if I should just attempt to get an internship during winter break. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions?

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You have nothing to lose by looking. If they say they're done hiring now, ask about winter break. It is quite late though, so you need to get your ass in gear.

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You are definitely late to the game, but late does not necessarily mean out of luck. You definitely need to hit the pavement and make a big push. I would reach out to your contacts, alumni, etc (better late than never), and check to see if they have any advice (essentially any potential help). From there, keep checking your career services center as postings frequently come out late in the season for smaller shops, and check Craigslist, efinancialcareers, etc. From there, make the push and start cold calling local firms - small shops, but at the end of the day, relevant experience, regardless of shop, is better than no experience at all.

Additionally, and this goes for the poster who checked into IB as well, keep your options open and cast a wide net. Essentially, look to anything relevant to the field - AM, IB, P/E, S&T, PWM, Ops, Consulting, Control, Corp Dev, etc. Landing an internship this close to graduation is definitely a big help to FT recruiting. Therefore, focus on landing an internship, building some experience, marketing it well and reaching out to alumni, etc next year. The first and most pressing step at this point is definitely in landing an internship.

Check out this article on internships outside of IB and their relevance to the field: http://www.bankonbanking.com/2010/03/15/no-summer-...

Good luck.


Ya youre definitely late. Sounds like you know that though so that's good. And props for realizing that now rather than halfway through your senior year, or the day before graduation, which was the method many of my friends tried out.

A good route to try might be local financial advisors in your area. May not be the most exciting job, but its a job, and will help to beef up the resume a bit. If you find a "family office" or a place ran by 3-4 guys, there's obviously much less administrative overhead bs that needs to be taken care of for you to start working. So look at the road less traveled. Everyone flocks to Smith Barney, Raymond James, etc but not necessarily to the little guys. On the downside, there's no name recognition but all the more motivation for you to bust your ass to have great experiences to discuss.


Shoot for smaller places, and just ask if they are looking for help.

I just recently interviewed, only after giving up all hope. Got a call from a small bank who happened to decided to hire an intern. They had my resume from a bit of networking that I did at the beginning of the year.

Ended up getting offered just this month, a couple weeks before start date.



I could use some more advice. Keep them coming! Thanks!

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