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Coming out of bshool and just got an offer from a PERE in Ohio. It is an associate role. It offers $110K + 4-6 month bonus. Is this compensation reasonable? How much more should I negotiate? Thanks

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    I think that's market on salary but light on bonus (market's around a year, give or take, based on what I've seen). I'm giving you big fund/major city numbers...not sure what to think about Ohio. Dramatically lower cost of living, but I would need a premium to move there.

    Of course, what you can and should negotiate is equally a function of market pay and opportunity cost. RE PE hiring for acquisitions positions is somewhat thin right now, and many of the big RE PE firms are much less keen on hiring MBAs than their corporate PE counterparts. Not sure of your background, but I don't think I've ever seen an MBA hired without prior real estate experience.

    I would probably be cautious about negotiating without a competing offer. Also, as a general rule, I don't think it makes a lot of sense to negotiate on target discretionary bonuses. The range they provide indicates their general philosophy and inclination toward compensation, and I would take that for what it is.