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I want to get into investment banking, something I realized late in my college career. As of now, I have two options: work Marketing position at Citigroup vs Asset Management at boutique firm. A friend of mine suggested I take a job with citigroup because name > position and opportunities for lateral hire. However, I think Asset Management would be better because I would be on the core investment team which will involve a lot more numbers, modeling and finance vs a pure marketing role at a brand name company. Also, there is no guarantee I can get into ICG, as I would be competing against candidates who have actual banking experience. So, taking the position at citigroup is a lot like putting my eggs into one basket. If it doesn't work out, I'd be right where I started (with a whole set of useless skills).

Granted, I plan to get an MBA but I know pre-MBA experience counts.

So, which argument sounds better?

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    If it's a marketing position at Citi vs. Boutique AM and you want to start a career in AM I think it's a no brainer. I would imagine work experience means much more than firm name in this case. It may be different if it was something like a "research analyst" at a boutique vs. "research assistant" at a BB, but in your case it's two entirely different departments.

    So if you want to do AM = go to the boutique, if you want to tell people "I work at Citi", then go to Citi.

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    Thanks guys! I knew I was right :)

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts" -Winston Churchill