I'm a college senior and I have the opportunity to join "Golden Key" which is an honor society that invited the top 15% of a class to join. I don't think my GPA is high enough for Phi Beta Kappa.

I already have a job with MBB, but I want to know if this will help with getting into a top MBA program.

Any thoughts? Is it PBK or go home or is any honor society you can put down worth the fee?

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Same question, same situation, but Omicron Delta Epsilon...something for Econ majors...I turned it down, because no one really cares, right?

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wow definitely go with golden key, you have to be elite in college to get their invitation. I didn't even receive an invitation, but I know so many baller people who did! That combined with MBB offer is pretty much a sure shot at b-school. You'll find lots of people in gk at MBB and they even have a subgroup like they have with womens and diversity groups. Just remember to smile and say "golden key" with a wink and they'll nod with fond nostalgia.

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the usefulness of honor societies drops to zero after PBK imo. everyone knows that one. i think your gpa speaks for itself otherwise. i was suckered into NSCS, BGS and ODE before i realized this and asked myself whats the point? after that i told everyone else to shove it - including golden key.

i mean they send stuff on email from time to time so i guess if you work it you can network with the other alumni at the events they set up, and maybe if its an honor society in your major that helps highlight you excellence there, but to be honest i dont even list those other three on my resume anymore.


One big freakin' scam if you ask me. There might be a couple of ivy-level honor societies that are worth it for networking purposes, but other than that save your $70 annual fee and invest it in a gmat book - that'll help your b-school chances more than some lame title.

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Definitely worth it. They gave me a piece of paper saying I'm a member, which my mom put in a frame and put on my old bedroom wall, right next to all my old Honor Roll Certificates, Certificates of Participation in tennis & band, and the Who's Who book of High School Class of '03.

Plus everybody gets together and takes a group photo that you can buy a copy of!


i got so fired up i didnt see your other question.

in filling out my bschool apps i recall HBS and SGSB asking for awards and honors. so i guess youll have something for those sections if you cough up the dough. i used PBK and BGS there and had some other scholarships to fill in the difference, shrug. see if you can get your parents to pay and then send home the certificates for them to hang up at home. after that the option to use or not use them is up to you, but i really dont think its a make or break MBA data point.


Waste of time and money in my humble opinion


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