Any other CFA L1 hopefuls here's the best sheet I've found for filling in and drilling formulas over these few final days. More comprehensive than the Schweser quicksheet (which is also good though and worth the $29 imho).

***Note that there are quite a few formulas in the Elan sheets that are not totally necessary, so of course be sure to cross reference with the CFAI LOS before you decide to commit to learning a certain formula.***

But this is great for checking if you have any gaps you want to fill in and clarifying any fuzzy concepts.

Good luck on December 1 gents and ladies!

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oh so you're the new elan guy?

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Elan or Schweser for CFA Level I?


Lol no I used Schweser. Can't speak for the Elan guides but the formula sheet is good. Have also heard good things about Stalla.

I'll let you know what I really think of Schweser after I get my results...

if you like it then you shoulda put a banana on it


This can be useful for others as well, for people interviewing for internships this could possibly be a partial guide to help preparing for some techincals. It won't have financial modeling details or anything, but browsing through it to see if you understand the concepts can help a lot.


Wow. Amazing stuff.

Thanks for the link frgna.

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Whoa! Thanks for sharing. I really needed this. :)

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