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Which pakcage is better? I want that's hands-on, many Excel examples/templates, and etc.


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ive used these guys, like them alot, dont need to be in a classroom and work at your own pace. PLus you can get as many follow ups until you understand. Just have to get a good instructor, I had one and he went awol, so got switched over to a new one and it worked out fine

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I went through Deal Maven and I thought it was pretty comprehensive. It teaches you the basics and, from what I understand, how things will be done on the job. It is a good synthesis for all the concepts you learned in finance courses and its a good introduction to using excel more efficiently. The case study in the end was good because it even built in a few mistakes that you might encounter on the job and they require you to catch them. I can't speak for Analyst Exchange or Wall Street prep but I would recommend Deal Maven.


most banks use wall street prep

if you are paying out of your pocket dealmaven cant be beat for pure value.. if you have the money i would check out wall street prep...


eh nvm i didnt know wall street prep was cheaper! go wall street prep.. also check with your school.. they may sponsor a program already!


I am currently using dealmaven and I am very satisfied. I can not compare it to Wall Street Prep because I have never used WSP. Dealmaven seems to be a great value, and gets fairly deep into excel modeling.


WSP has a 3 month vs 2 yr license to access the info, if you only want to do the course to learn, not as long-term guidance, you can do the 3 month license and pay 399 over 499 or 599. Plus you might email them and ask for student rates, sometimes they have them (by them I mean this for both WSP and DM).


how long will it take to go through either Analyst Exchange, Dealmaven or Wall Street Prep?
Thinking of doing one of those as my Uni doesn't offer quite a lot of Finance stuff...
Is say 1 month (w/o any school classes going on) enough?
Anyone have experience in this context?


I'm doing WSP now, the full program, even though I'm not done yet, based on how long it has taken me, I would say 60 - 70 hrs is more than enough. However, I am proficient in excel and can navigate well, so if you lack this skill I would add some hours for just simply the time factor in building out all the models.

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