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Dear all,

Which pakcage is better? I want that's hands-on, many Excel examples/templates, and etc.


The WSO Advantage - Investment Banking

Financial Modeling Training

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IB Interview Prep Pack

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Comments (9)

  • Bratwurst's picture

    ive used these guys, like them alot, dont need to be in a classroom and work at your own pace. PLus you can get as many follow ups until you understand. Just have to get a good instructor, I had one and he went awol, so got switched over to a new one and it worked out fine

  • cshamis's picture

    I went through Deal Maven and I thought it was pretty comprehensive. It teaches you the basics and, from what I understand, how things will be done on the job. It is a good synthesis for all the concepts you learned in finance courses and its a good introduction to using excel more efficiently. The case study in the end was good because it even built in a few mistakes that you might encounter on the job and they require you to catch them. I can't speak for Analyst Exchange or Wall Street prep but I would recommend Deal Maven.

  • soul09's picture

    most banks use wall street prep

    if you are paying out of your pocket dealmaven cant be beat for pure value.. if you have the money i would check out wall street prep...

  • soul09's picture

    eh nvm i didnt know wall street prep was cheaper! go wall street prep.. also check with your school.. they may sponsor a program already!

  • David Van Patten's picture

    I am currently using dealmaven and I am very satisfied. I can not compare it to Wall Street Prep because I have never used WSP. Dealmaven seems to be a great value, and gets fairly deep into excel modeling.

  • Alex_Kap's picture

    WSP has a 3 month vs 2 yr license to access the info, if you only want to do the course to learn, not as long-term guidance, you can do the 3 month license and pay 399 over 499 or 599. Plus you might email them and ask for student rates, sometimes they have them (by them I mean this for both WSP and DM).

  • Ginkouin's picture

    how long will it take to go through either Analyst Exchange, Dealmaven or Wall Street Prep?
    Thinking of doing one of those as my Uni doesn't offer quite a lot of Finance stuff...
    Is say 1 month (w/o any school classes going on) enough?
    Anyone have experience in this context?

  • Alex_Kap's picture

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