Hi there! :)

As you may already know from my other 1,000,000 posts, I am currently a college freshman, and I am on the verge of securing an internship, so I'm FUCKING HAPPY!

However, the firm wants to know what is my desired salary. Should I put zero, since I have no prior experience in finance? If not, then what should I put?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Or if you are feeling extra ambitious .... $400k plus Carry

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Yeah market works or just put "To be discussed". Thats what I usually did.

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"Market or TBD" is fine. Usually for internships they know what they will pay you anyways.


Ask around, get an idea of what they have paid in the past. Or put the Market.

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Can't go wrong with market


always try glassdoor.com to get an idea if you have no basis at all for salary, its pretty helpful and is a good starting point.



Desired Salary: Yes


Desired Salary: Yes

Haha I don't know why but this killed me... I was thinking "Please!" in my head...

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