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What is the compensation for analysts, associates...etc?

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    Based on recent conversations I've had with brokers (in and around Chicago), they will comp about 5-10% below a traditional REIB shop or bank. If you are in NYC or Chi, it is a fantastic opportunity with outstanding brand recognition among those who matter. However, looking at your username, it seems like you are in SF. I'm sure their rep is equally as sterling on the West Coast but I can't speak to it directly.


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    This is completely speculative, but given that there are two different groups, Investment Sales and Investment Banking, I would think there might be differences in bonus. Not sure which would be higher. Lots of upside in Investment Sales when you are at a company that owns the market. But they generally don't work as much as the ibanking folks, which may/may not affect comp at the associate level. However, I have heard that Investment Sales associates at Eastdil, unlike other places, are paid salaries consistent with ibanking associates rather than having commission make up a large component of their pay.

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    The guy I know that works at Eastdil works a TON, and he's not on the banking side.

    And Eastdil garners the same respect on the West coast as in NYC, so I wouldn't worry about that. When I mentioned Eastdil to people in LA/SF, they all responded by saying they were amazing/probably controlled too much of the market.