Just started using the Macabacus macro set, so helpful! I've heard that TTS is the one used at most banks, could anyone confirm / deny this?

Also - if anyone would be willing to send me the TTS macros I would be eternally grateful!


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I personally use a combination of TTS macros and ASAP Utilities. I can send you the TTS macro, PM me.

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I like ASAP as well.


TTS is great. A lot of banks have their own add-ons as well.


TTS is very common. We use TTS with a few proprietary add-ons.

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I've been getting a good number of requests for the TTS macro. If anybody else wants it, feel free to PM me. I'll just need an email address to send it to.


Please can someone send these to me.

TTS macro 2007 & 2010


.. can anyone send me the TTS macros for 2010? Thanks a lot guys!


Could someone also please send me the macro set as well? Got upgraded to 2010 and old ones no longer working



could someone send me the TTS macros too? Will reward with SB's.


Does anyone have TTS Macros for 2007? Thanks a ton; will SB.

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