How prestigious is SunTrust IBD, ECM, DCM? I know headquarters are in Atlanta, but do they have a lot of respect from the BB or not really?

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Not alot of respect from the BB. Lev Fin/DCM is at least sort of on the map.

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Slightly less prestige level than a HSBC, CIBC, or RBS, just because they're not in NY.


SunTrust is clearly 4th tier... they pay their analyst less than $5000 of bonus. They are the laughing stock of wall street.

HSBC and CIBC are clearly 2nd tier interms of M&A... RBSGC (RBS Greenwich Capital) is a tier one firm interms of debt capital markets...

From what I know those 3 you mentioned all pay on par with the street.

If you read the AB Alert and some other professional newsletters, there are stories on turnovers and mistreatment of SunTrust to its employees. This is a firm that will be absorbed by a more efficiently-ran firm soon or later.

Apparently SunTrust pay associates and VP's about 1/3 all in of what other firms pay for the same position. Regionals take a pay cut but not that much. Go ask a Wachovia-Charlotte employee and they'll tell you they make 70-100% of NYC.

Avoid at all costs.


You might have a better lifestyle than at a BB?


Because you are essentially living a 9-6 commercial banking lifestyle... or at some groups you will work 80% of NYC hours and make about 1/3 of the pay... either one sucks...

If you want to do IB go to a top shop; stay away from the pretenders.

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