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From the beginning, what assignments/projects are Summer analysts given? What do they do on the deal team?

Also, as the weeks go back, towards the end of the summer, what is a typical project like? does a SA actually do any modeling?

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    they generally do the stuff the analysts would normally do that are layered on top of deal flow. This includes updating pipelines, sending out weekly market updates, and other tasks that are kind of random. If you are helping with deal stuff, it's more along the lines of formatting, turning comments (maybe), etc. The summer isn't usually the time when deals get done (i.e. it tends to be less busy).

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    as long as you take initiative and talk to people, most of the salespeople/traders i met were more than willing to let me sit by them and listen to them talk to clients and trade. You obviously don't want to interrupt a trader in the middle of his/her work, but if they have a free second, they will explain briefly what's going on.

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    At the firm you mentioned, I have definitely heard that interns do not model...mostly industry research etc.

    I really want to learn modelling or at least get some basic exposure, so i will push hard to get some experience on in this summer, but not everyone does this

    I still do think that the majority of IBD interns get only a very basic appreciation of modelling, but then it probably depends strongly on how much you want to learn it and how much time the guy in your team have to explain it to you

    i'm sure others will correct me if I am wrong.

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    Summer interns here definitely do modeling/valuation work. I gave them a lot of my work last summer. :) Honestly, having summer interns come in was one of the best days of the year...

    You'll note that you want to avoid that category of "random tasks," which in all honesty can be pretty hard as a summer intern depending on who you're working for.

    I would advise talking to FT analysts and saying you want to help out with/learn modeling or at least something about the deals they're working on.

    HerSerendipity is right that the summer is generally not busy, but you never know... last year I had 2 120-hour weeks right in a row in July because of multiple live deals in their final stages and summer interns helped out a lot with the work I was doing.

    And yes, as others have said, S&T SAs can't really do much "work" since they can't trade... you still learn a lot but the focus is different from an IBD internship.

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    anyone know why a place like lazard doesnt really let interns do modeling and whatnot? I have heard this before, and just seemed weird, since it seems like the interns would get worked just as hard.

    while I havent started my SA, i know that the guys in my group basically said that youll get more and more responsibility, as you go on to prove yourself, along with your ability to have error free work and all that stuff.

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    romulusmars - I would just be very outgoing and introduce yourself to Analysts, make it known that you want to do work and trust me, they'll give you work.

    In all likelihood they will not let you build a really complex model by yourself because you don't know what you're doing yet, but you can definitely help out.

    walters - I'm not sure offhand re: Lazard as I do not work there and don't really know anyone who does since they don't recruit at my alma mater really. Maybe someone else here knows?

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    Summers will do as much as they can handle. Summers in my group have done everything from being a chart monkey to writing CIMs. Just make sure what you do is right, and that you don't burn the analyst / associate above you. If they get a licking from VP / MD for your mistake, you can kiss doing anything mateiral for them again.

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    The biggest mistake a summer can make is to have some sort of sense of entitlement to the quality of work he/she receives. Full time analysts usually have work on their plate that's either gathering dust or low on the priority list. That's the work that oftentimes gets passed off to the summers when they come, at least initially. It should be obvious why but in case it isn't - it's because summers have little to no technical skills or training, and they definitely haven't proven their worth.

    All work is give and take. You receive work, you hand it back. If it's great quality, you get better work next time, more responsibility. This is true if you're full time or an analyst. It's true if you're a lateral hire. The best way to get your hands on quality work is to DO quality work. Take the shit work that's given to you at the start of the summer and do it with a giant grin on your face, and eventually you'll be rewarded.

    When I say "rewarded" I don't necessarily mean being able to write a CIM or build a model by your lonesome with little to no supervision. But I do mean being able to sit in an analyst's cube while he builds a model and runs you through the process real time. Or letting you run with the comps by yourself.