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Get an Industry Overview  - Get insight into the daily life of a trader - Useful tips for Prop Trading Interviews

Prop Trading Course


Introduction And Overview

Overview of Prop Trading and a comparison of Prop Trading Culture vs. Sales & Trading Culture. A breakdown analysis by product and strategy. 

Interview Strategy

Optimizing your Preparation, learn how to research a firm for a fit and culture. Get Big Picture Advise. Top 5 questions for you to Ask in your prop trading interview. Review the most common mistake and advance interview techniques.

The Most Common Questions

Walk Through Your Resume, interview question, review why to choose Prop Trading. Learn how to address behavioral questions, Technicals, Math, Brainteasers, Market Knowledge, Mor

Day in the life of...

You will review Day in the life scenarios of Discretionary Equity Prop Trader, Equity Index Options Market Maker, Oil Trader, Quant Trader and HFT Programmer.

Course Summary - Table of Contents

Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

Our students have landed and thrived at positions across all top Wall Street firms, including:

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