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Introduction (5 video lessons)

In this module, we use 5 video lessons to explain how good business writing can help you establish credibility, become more influential, showcase intelligence, and remove misunderstandings. We wrap up this module by going over some common grammar mistakes that one can easily correct.

Improve Your Writing (7 video lessons)

In this module, we use 7 video lessons to explore common writing mistakes that often lead to length and convoluted text. This module includes a step-by-step guide on how to correct these mistakes and get your point through clearly.

Tools (2 video lessons)

In this module, we use 2 video lessons to explore several suggested easy-to-use tools that we can utilize daily to make our writing simpler, more concise, and more impactful

Design (6 video lessons)

In this module, we use 6 video lessons to go over several tips to make our writing easier to read and digest from using different fonts to creating a visual hierarchy. In this module, we provide several examples of how these small tips can dramatically improve readability and understandability.

Case Study (4 video lessons, 2 exercises)

In this module, we use 4 video lessons to go through two case studies of real-world company documents and use the skills we learned to simplify and clarify the text. This module also includes a step-by-step analysis and solution guide to make sure you are fully understanding the concepts...

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Course Summary - Table of Contents

Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

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