Guide to Private Equity Careers & Venture Capital Careers

Note: This product is not the PE Interview Prep Pack which can be found here.This guide can help you land your dream job in private equity or venture capital by demystifying the notoriously opaque private equity recruiting and venture capital recruiting process. The key to private equity recruiting is to plan ahead because private equity careers are both highly competitive and formulaic. It can be virtually impossible to break into this industry without having first accessed the right private equity recruiting channels. These firms are often very lean, which means that new hires must be able to hit the ground running with minimal training. The good news is that there are many different paths into private equity from all sorts of disparate backgrounds if you are willing to be tenacious and plan ahead. This guide can help you make the right decisions in order to chart your personal course toward your private equity career.

Learn PE Recruiting Secrets

This guide answers the following questions:

1. What do private equity firms do?
2. How do PE firms differ, and how do these differences affect their private equity recruiting practices?
3. What roles are associated with various titles, and what prior experience do they require?
4. What compensation is typical for various firm types, titles, and years of experience in private equity careers?
5. What steps should I take to help me start my private equity career if I am a: High school student? Undergraduate student? Pre-MBA? MBA student?
6. How do I make effective use of private equity recruiters?
7. How do I evaluate and compare offers?

This guide provides the following data and rankings:

1. The 300 largest global private equity firms.
2. Detailed database of 70 private equity recruiting firms and venture capital recruiting firms.
3. Top undergraduate programs for breaking into private equity, investment banking, and consulting.
4. Top investment banking, consulting, and other analyst programs for private equity recruiting and venture capital recruiting.
5. Top business schools for breaking into private equity careers.

Start the Path to Break into PE


This Wall Street Oasis guide offers its readers an accurate and comprehensive road map to a career in private equity, and I would highly recommend it to all of my candidates.

- Jill Pierce, Founder, CarterPierce

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Daniel Sheyner has written an extremely comprehensive, accurate, and informative synopsis of the private equity industry and getting in its iron doors. It's the best report of its kind that I have seen.

-Jason Kanner, Managing Partner, BSD Associates

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This Wall Street Oasis guide is the most informative I've seen for breaking into private equity. There is an abundance of information in here and, if utilized correctly, should make the task more manageable.

- Michael Geglia, Recruiting Manager, Permanent Solutions Group

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As a general canvassing of the PE recruiting practices, this Wall Street Oasis guide does an excellent job of providing high level insight into how principal investment firms time, evaluate, and make offers.

- Nick Medica, Alternative Investments, Forrer & Assc.

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Wall Street Oasis has created a must-read guide for anyone looking to gain an understanding of what it takes to break into private equity. This is a valuable resource that will undoubtedly help candidates prepare and execute strategies to secure their dream jobs within the private equity industry.

- Kevin Dailey, Partner, Juno Search

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The Wall Street Oasis private equity & venture capital guide is an excellent overview of how to land you dream job in private equity. In short, it summarizes what it takes to get your foot in the door.

- Natalie Matushevsky, Managing Consultant, Michael Page Int.

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This Wall Street Oasis guide is a well thought out and comprehensive guide for any professional considering a career in private equity.

- Robert Zebrowski, Principal, Hammer Haley

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