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Master ALL of the Concepts

Private Equity funds aren't looking for robots… they want to know that you understand the industry, that you can solve problems, handle stress, manage a team and are a fit for their firm… You'll discover how to master all of these concepts - even if you only have a few days to prepare...

Research Specific PE Funds

You'll have access to over 2,000 private equity interview questions across 400+ PE funds organized by position, so you can focus your preparation on what matters most...

Nail the LBO Modeling Tests

With 9 Detailed LBO Modeling Tests and 15+ hours of video solutions be ready to handle any variation and any level of complexity… so you won't leave a single stone unturned and will be 100% prepared for anything they throw at you...

Prepare Quickly and Level Up

With Detailed Industry and Recruiting History, showing you exactly what you need to know in order to demonstrate a true passion for the industry… master the key concepts and stack your learning for maximum preparation in the shortest amount of time possible...

Master the Case Interview

With 10+ Hours of Private Equity Cases, you'll discover exactly how to walk through your own deals with confidence... and prove you're cut out for private equity...

Get Exclusive Inside Info on 200+ PE Funds

With the WSO Company Database, you'll get exclusive data on compensation, interviews and employee reviews for hundreds of funds… access thousands of interview insights… so you'll know exactly which firms and positions are right for you...

Build a High Impact Network

With 15+ Hours of video tutorials… for LinkedIn, Emailing and Cold Calling… so you can get 3x your response rate, land more interviews and get support from PE professionals on the inside, even if you are not from the traditional IB or consulting background...

See how PE veterans have done it with the WSO Video Library

You'll discover how professional private equity investors have answered the very same questions you'll be asked with 50+ hours of private equity-specific videos… Watch detailed Q&A's and sample cases… so you can see exactly what works and what doesn't...

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Course Summary - Table of Contents

Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

Our customers have landed positions at all of the top PE megafunds, including:

Project Palisade

Real Deal Sheets With Audio

Hear how successful candidates talked about their real deals to break into private equity...

Get the Private Equity Interview Course Certification

After completing the course, all students will be granted the WSO Private Equity Interview Course Certification. Use this certificate as a signal to employers that you have the technical Excel skills to immediately add value to your team. 

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical program for success in finance careers.  Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to highlight your skills and strengthen your profile as a candidate.

How Much is Your
Private Equity Future Worth?

What You Get


Module 1: WSO Private Equity Recruiting Guide

200+ pages, 10+ hours of video, 10 PE brainteasers, full coverage of Critical PE recruiting strategies...


Module 2: 9 LBO Modeling Tests

9 Tests including 15+ hours of video, 3 at each level of difficulty so you can level up...


Module 3: 4 More Real Cases and Tests from ACTUAL Funds

20 minute LBO modeling drills + 2 UMM and 1 Megafund test with more coming every month (crowdsourcing through WSO community)


Module 4: Networking Mastery Guide

150+ copy & paste questions to ask on your interviews, 14 templates for LinkedIn, Email & Cold-Calling, 3 proven WSO Resume Templates and more...


Bonus 1: WSO Video Library - 12 Month Access

50+ hours of PE specific videos: webinars, sample deals, 10+ PPT & Excel Templates and more...


Bonus 2: WSO Company Database - 12 Month Access

2,447+ interview insights across 203 private equity funds, Coverage of over 100 firms, Exclusive data on compensation, interviews & employee reviews and more...





Consider this your first investment
in a long career...

After all, you've likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA)... When you land your coveted private equity job,

you'll be making well over $200,000...

...over $400,000 if you have an MBA...

And that's just the beginning of a long and very LUCRATIVE career that could easily net you millions...especially once you get carry.

We could easily charge thousands of dollars and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better... a few hundred in exchange for millions of dollars down the line. When you do the math, it's a no brainer.

And that doesn't include the time you'd have to spend figuring all of this out. Even if you used the volumes of free information inside the WSO PE forum, you'd still have to find it, organize it, vet it, test it and systematize it to get it to work.

That would take months - maybe even years… and at that point, you will have missed your window, blown your opportunity and your chances of ever getting a job in PE will be slim to none.

All while watching your friends and classmates ride the elevators to the penthouses of private equity and doing the types of deals you read about in the Wall Street Journal…

The WSO Private Equity Interview Prep Course gives you everything you need to nail your interviews, crush your competition and land the prestigious PE job you've always wanted… quickly and easily.

But we're not going to charge you thousands...


We won't even ask for half of that..



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